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International Development and Public Policy Alliance (IDPPA)

Beyond Economics: The Stockholm Statement and Setting Global Policy Priorities | Conference

International Development and Public Policy Alliance (IDPPA)
Annual Conference
October 24-27, 2017
FGV, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


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“Beyond Economics: The Stockholm Statement and Setting Global Policy Priorities”

In September 2016, thirteen distinguished global economists met in Stockholm under the auspices of the Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the World Bank to discuss the need to refocus global policy dialogue on a new and urgent set of priorities. The participants included four former Chief Economists of the World Bank and other renowned experts from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

Their conclusions, summarized in what is known as “the Stockholm Statement,” is an innovative and thought-provoking set of policy insights that is not so much “a blueprint for policy,” but rather a set of guiding principles within which to frame global policy solutions going forward into a challenging future.

The Stockholm Statement elaborates eight central imperatives for policymakers, and IDPPA calls for the submission of proposed papers based on any of these themes:

1. GDP Growth: Measure or Mirage?
2. Inclusive Development: How to Achieve It?
3. Environmental Sustainability: A Policy Imperative
4. Balancing Market, State, and Community
5. Macroeconomic Stability: Fiscal Stimulus or Fetish?
6. The Impact of Technology and Global Economic Inequality
7. Social Norms and Mindsets: A Blind Spot for Economic Models?
8. Global Policymaking and the Future of Multilateral Solutions

As IDPPA emphasizes new policy solutions from and for the developing economies, papers should focus on new perspectives that “re-center” the global policy dialogue on emerging nations and their populations, which encompass the majority of the world’s peoples.

We ask for abstracts for presentations of approximately twenty minutes no later than June 25th, 2017. Submissions should be sent to idppa@fgv.br.


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