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Today, CPDOC's 1.5 million documents form the most important archive of private records of Brazilian public figures, composed of over 220 collections. With more than 7,500 hours of recordings from approximately 1,800 interviews, CPDOC's archives represent the most important collection of its kind in the country. Handwritten and printed texts, photographs, records, films, and audio and video interviews are continuously being added to the collection. Some of those archives are digitalized and available at the Archives Guide.

In 1975, the Oral History Program was created and has been recording testimonials from important personalities in the national scenario.  A fair amount is digitalized and available at the Oral History database.


The school

CPDOC offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, and provides a range of continuing education activities. Teaching is consciously included as part of the current research agendas of faculty members.

Students taking the Social Sciences and History degrees may choose minor areas of expertise in Politics and Society, Culture and Society, and International Relations. We also offer specific training in applied research and audiovisual and documentary production. The close bonds of intellectual fellowship that form among our students are one of the great rewards of pursuing a degree here.

CPDOC also offers academic and professional masters and doctoral programs. Subfields represented among faculty include a broad spectrum of backgrounds, approaches, and substantive interests. They include political history, international relations and global history, sociology and social thought, anthropology, political science, comparative politics, urban studies, research methods, public policy, social history, cultural history, and applied research.