Academic Master's and PhD

Academic calendar

2023-1 -


Master’s program
Students must take two mandatory subjects (History and Social Theory and Methods and techniques of research), two optional subjects, and two research seminars. The latter corresponds to the preparation of the master’s thesis and is organized by the advisors. The subject History and Social Theory, always offered in the first semester, discusses how History and Social Sciences have fertilized each other in the past decades, placing emphasis on major topics in which this connection has proved to be most fruitful: Social History and the new Political History, Historical Sociology and Cultural History. The course maps out the recent theoretical debates in History and presents these debates to the Master's students.

PhD program
Students must take one mandatory subject (Methods and techniques of research), two optional subjects, and five research seminars, which may correspond to optional subjects of a methodological nature or to seminars intended to support them in their dissertation. The seminars are conducted by the advisors. For students who do not have any History background, the subject History and Social Theory, which is mandatory for the master's program, is strongly recommended.